HCG plays many roles, but one function it performs is guaranteeing that a developing fetus receives the calories and nutrients it needs to grow properly. HCG does this by releasing the mother's fat stores to provide nutrients to the growing baby.  If a mother is unable to take in sufficient calories to support the growth of her baby, HCG releases her fat stores from the belly, hips, thighs, back and arms in order to nourish the baby. The way HCG works as a diet accelerator is much the same. Theoretically, when the dieter is consuming less calories than is needed, HCG releases the fat stores from the hips, thighs, buttocks and arms and back to be used as fuel. HCG is safe as a weight loss aide for both MEN and WOMEN. 

HOW WAS HCG DISCOVERED? It was during research in the 1950s when one doctor, A.T.W. Simeons, noticed that boys being treated with hCG for underdeveloped gonads were also able to lose excess weight by eating much less without any accompanying hunger pangs. His interest in hCG soon shifted to its potential as a diet aid, and he published a paper touting its effects, as well as developing a dietary regimen for use of the drug as a weight-loss tool. Although HCG is not FDA approved as a weightloss accelerator specifically, it has been used, along with the HCG diet protocol, to help many people lose weight faster than other diet programs and with less hunger for many years. HCG has been shown to reset the metabolism and people who adhere to the diet and subsequent maintenance plan are sucessful at keeping the weight off.  Absolute Healthcare has many successful stories of people who have been successful with the HCG diet. If you stick to the protocol...YOU WILL LOSE. The HCG protocol has changes a few times over the years. Sculptures prescribes the latest researched HCG 800 calorie protocol.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT: If the protocol is adhered to a person can expect to lose 1/2-1 pound per day for an average weight loss (fat not muscle) of 15-30 pounds in one month. ABSOLUTE has been offering the HCG diet for eight years and we have noted an average weight loss of 24 pounds in our patient population each 30 day cycle. The most we have seen a patient lose in 30 days is 44 pounds. As with all diet plans, the more a patient has to lose the faster they lose. Maintenance is very important after completing the HCG diet and Sculptures is HERE to help you LOSE IT and KEEP IT OFF!