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Ultrasonic Body Sculpting and Cavitation FAQ

Cellulite and Fat Reduction FAQ

Non- Surgical Arm Rejuvenation FAQ

How are Ultrasonic Body Sculpting Services different from traditional liposuction treatments?

Our body sculpting treatments are “painless” and we use fat dissolving cavitation therapies instead of scalpels, cannulas or painful laser treatments. No anesthetics are required, and the client does not experience any down- time.

The fat basically “melts”. The fat is “cavitated” or turned from a solid into a liquid. The liquid is absorbed into the bloodstream and filtered out by the kidneys, then excreted in the urine. Six sessions are the norm, to see real changes, with 10-12 sessions not being uncommon for full body sculpting. The fat takes around 72 hours to make its way out of your body after each treatment. We recommend weekly sessions for best results. However, please NOTE that it may take anywhere from 2-12 months to see full inches loss results

What is Cavitation Therapy, and is it painless?
As long as you are healthy enough for outpatient surgery, ultrasonic cavitation is very safe. In fact, no anesthesia is used during the procedure as it is completely non-invasive. There is no pain from the procedure. Ultrasound cavitation actually uses ultrasonic waves, which are similar to high-frequency sound waves, too high for the human ear to hear. You will feel a light warming sensation from our equipment, similar to a warm massage – but it is not uncomfortable. Some people do experience a small amount of redness for about 24 hours after the procedure.
What areas of the body respond most effectively to ultrasound cavitation?

Typically Ultrasound Cavitation slimming machines are used on the same areas of the body as are usually associated with liposuction. The thighs, waist, abdomen, and butt are the most common areas for cavitation use, but use on arms is fairly common as well. Less commonly it is used on the face, although it is being done more frequently to reduce the signs of aging.

Is there anyone who shouldn't have ultrasonic cavitation?

Cavitation treatments are a wonderful body sculpting option for any individual who is well enough for elective surgery. There are no specific contraindications, no medicines to avoid, etc. Obviously, your cavitation Technician will evaluate you to make sure that you have no obvious health issues which would prevent you from undergoing the procedure. It is generally recommended that diabetics, those with cardiovascular illnesses, those who have a pacemaker and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding wait, avoid or get carefully evaluated before having the procedure done. It is not recommended for individuals engaged in radiation or chemotherapy, or people with metal stents or shunts.






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